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 99% Undeniable Conclusive Evidence That 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Posted on: June 30, 2011

I am calling all 9/11 official story believers:

This thread will either change your mentality and prove to you once and for all that 9/11 was an inside job, or you will remain in the dark believing in a flawed sequence of events. Hopefully an in depth investigation of most of the evidence which goes against the official story is enough to convince you.

The ‘Loose Change Final Cut’ which is available on YouTube completely debunks the official 9/11 story from top to bottom, leaving almost no room for question at the end of the film. Since I’m aware that a good portion of people on here do not want to spend 2 hours watching a documentary that completely goes against thier state of mind and beliefs, I will make it easy and do my best to summarize the film to save some time. After either watching this film or reading my summary over it, if you cannot suffiently prove that most if not all evidence provided in this film is false, yet continue to believe that the official story is the truth, then there is absolutely no hope for the future of this country.

Prior Knowledge:
— Our government had knowledge prior of the attacks and knew that airplanes would be hi-jacked, but they took no measure to prevent such an event from happenning. Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer worked with a military intelligence program “Able Danger” in 2000, and they identified 4 of the hi-jackers as possible Al Qaeda members. Beginning in September 2000, three meetings set up with the FBI by him were each canceled by military lawyers. Shaffer lost his security clearance to view classified information after going public. This prior knowledge blatantly contradicts George Bush’s and Condoleezza Rice’s statements that nobody could have predicted terrorists to fly airplanes into those buildings.

Lies about Bin Laden:
— The Bush administration had many ties with Saudi Arabia; George Bush Sr. would stay with Bin Laden’s family when he used to go to Saudi Arabia.

— There is no evidence to support the governments claim that Osama Bin Laden orchestrated 9/11, even though they claimed to have this evidence and they would release it to the public. It has yet to be released.

— On Osama Bin Laden’s most wanted poster, indictment charges for 9/11 were not included. FBI chief of investigative publicity stated that the reason for this is the FBI has no hard evidence conneting Osama to 9/11.

— The FBI claimed that money was wired to the terrorists in small amounts to avoid detection, yet $100,000 was wired to Mohamed Atta in August of 2001 by Mahmoud Ahmad, the director of the ISI, which was facilitated by Saeed Sheikh, the man who allegedly kidnapped and murdered Wall Street journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was investigating the ties between the ISI and Islamic militants. The ISI has had ties to the CIA since the 80s with the establishment of the Muja Hardin, which evolved into Al Qaeda. General Mahmoud Ahmad was meeting with D.C. insider Senator Bob Graham and Porter Gass, the future director of CIA, on the morning of 9/11. Ahmad also met with the CIA director on September 4th.

— In a White House transcript of a Q/A done with Condoleezza Rice, a question about that meeting and the wired money was censored. The 9/11 Commission claimed that the funding for the attacks is not important.

Military Preparations:
— In the two years prior to the 9/11 attacks, NORAD conducted exercises with fighter jets to simulate hi-jacked planes flown into the world trade centers. If that unbelievable coincidence isn’t enough, Pentagon planners also envisioned the attack on the Pentagon 5 months before it occurred. An April 2001 Pentagon e-mail said that Air Force officials wanted a War Game where a terrorist group would hi-jack a commercial airline and fly it into the Pentagon to check response times for fighter jets, yet that plan was rejected by senior Pentagon officials as “too unrealistic”.

— Between September 2000 and June of 2001, The FAA scrambled fighter jets to intercept 67 aircraft. Interceptions usually occur within 10 minutes of a sign of trouble such as losing radio contact and transponder signal, or flying off course. On September 11th four commercial airliners were off course and out of communication, yet according to the official story not one of them was intercepted.

— Four wargames were occuring on 9/11. September 11th was day two of ‘Vigilant Guardian’, an exercise staged by the Joint Chief and NORAD, which simulated hi-jacked planes in the North-Eastern US. ‘Northern Vigilance’ moved fighter jets to Northern Canada and Alaska, and placed inputs onto military radar screens, “phantoms” which are simulated errant aircraft that appear real to those participating in the exercise. Three F-16s from Andrews airforce base located 15 miles from the Pentagon were flown 180 miles away for a training mission. Fort Belvoir, an army base 10 miles south of the Pentagon, intended to test security in case of a security attack (Upon reviewing my summary this sentence does not make sense to me but I will leave it). Employees on the 23rd floor of WTC building 7 were continuing preparations for a biological attack drill, scheduled for September 12th. The National Reconnaissance office in Virginia begins a drill at 8:45am conducted by a CIA team in which a plane crashes into their building. Other war games being conducted have not been publicly displosed. To summarize, on the morning of 9/11, the United States was running drills in which hi-jacked aircraft go in and out of radar, fighter jets are flown out of the country, and planes are crashed into buildings.

— As the plane approached the Pentagon, a young man told Cheney that the plane was 50 miles out, 30 miles out, and when he said 10 miles out he asked Cheney “Do the orders still stand?”, and Cheney said “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?”. Why, when Dick Cheney knew the airplane was 50 miles away, did he allow the employees at the Pentagon to continue working? A single alarm inside of the Pentagon would have saved 125 people’s lives. Norman Mineta’s testimony was not reported by the 9/11 Commissioner, and was also censored from the online archives of commission hearings. A spokesperson said that it was a technical “snafu”. The 9/11 Commission later concluded that Dick Cheney didn’t reach the bunker until 9:58am, but Mineta said that Cheney “absolutely” came in half an hour earlier than that.

— After the plane hit the Pentagon the FBI arrived within minutes and was left in charge of the investigation. Within 24 hours of the plane crashing into the Pentagon the FBI confiscated every known video of the attack. Pentagon officials claimed that there was no footage of the attack on their security cameras, but they obviously lied based on those 5 frames which were released on March 7th, 2002. After a man filed a request for the videos of the impact under the Freedom of Information Act, he received security cam footage from the DoubleTree hotel and the Citgo gas station. Special Agent MacGuire who gave the man who filed that request concluded that the FBI possessed 85 videos which might be potentially responsive.

— According to the Official Story Hani Hanjour entered the US in 1996 to become a professional airline pilot, but he didn’t complete a single course.

…a weak student who was wasting our resources

-Duncan Haste, Cockpit Resource Management

He had only the barest understanding what the instruments were there to do

-Wes Fults, Sawyer School of Aviation.

— Despite his complete failure and incompetence as a pilot, Hanjour received his pilots lisence
in April 1999, but the FAA refuses to answer how and where he obtained it.

…his piloting skills so shoddy and his grasp of English so inadequate that they questioned whether his pilots liscence was genuine

-Pan Am International

…his english and flying skills were so bad that they didn’t think he should keep his pilot’s lisence

-CBS News

…trouble controlling and landing the single engine Cessna 172. Marcel Bernard refused to rent him a plane without more lessons

-Freeway Airport

I’m still to this day amazed that he could have flown into the Pentagon…he could not fly at all

-Former employee of Jet Tech Flight School

Regardless of these comments, the 9/11 Commission concluded that Hanjour was the most experienced of the pilots, even though Saeed al-Ghamdi was a former Saudi fighter pilot, yet somehow the 9/11 commission thought Hanjour was the more experienced one?

— Charles Frank Burlingame III flew F4 fighter jets and developed anti-terrorism strategies at the Pentagon. He remained active in the Reserves and anti-terrorism exercises until his 757 was crashed into the section of the Pentagon that he used to work in. When the plane is hi-jacked at 8:51am, there is no mayday, no hi-jack code, and no sign of struggle. It flies for 43 minutes against the flight path without any military interception. Hanjour could have just crashed into the roof of the Pentagon, but instead he begins a complicated 330* turn, dropping 7000 ft and exposing himself for 3 more minutes in a manuever described by experienced pilots as nearly impossible, requiring professional expertise. An amateur pilot who could not control a single engine Cessna executed this nearly impossible manuever in a 757 with skilled precision a month later.

— The 757 crashed into the exact area of the Pentagon which was reinforced to withstand a terrorist attack, including reinforced steel and blast resistant Kevlar windows an inch and a half thick. Planning for the renovations began in 1991 and was only days away from completion when the plane hit. If the plane struck anywhere else the casualties and damage would have been far greater.

— Eye-witness testimonies vary greatly on the appearance of the airplane:

“Big, great wings coming that way”
“Maybe a 20 passenger corporate jet, no markings on the side…coming in at a shallow angle like it was landing right into the side of the Pentagon”
“I saw a plane going down, big plane–commercial liner type”
“And I saw this jet coming in and it was really low, and it was American Airlines jet, you could read the AA on the side and silver fuselage”
“This particular plane was awful low, and as we were coming down onto 395 it came across in front of us”
“They said it was a plane and I didn’t see any pieces of any plane and I couldn’t believe that a plane hit the building”

–Reasons to question whether or not a plane hit the Pentagon:
-The lack of damage from the wings and vertical stabilizer, and the fact that those objects as well as the engines were never fully recovered.
-There are numerous parts to a 757 which are virtually indestructable, to date we have not seen a single piece identified as flight 77s
-The exit hole inside the Pentagon is not explained by any official report on the attack
-There was no impact damage on the lawn
-Out of the videos that have been released, none of them clearly show a 757.

— A number of accountants and budget analysts were present at the time and killed in the attack. Arlington County After Action Report states that important budget information was in the damaged area. On September 10th, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld made the announcement that “we cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions”.

— The 9/11 Commission Report said that the military was unprepared for the transformation of commercial aircraft into weapons of mass destruction. However a report made for the Department of Defense in 2000 warned that Washington was vulnerable for a plane crashing into the Pentagon.

— October 24th, 2000, the Pentagon conducted MASCOW, a mass casualty exercise which simulated the impact of a Boeing 757 into the building.

World Trade Centers:
— Both World Trade Centers collapsed in approximately 10 seconds.

— WTC 7 collapses to the ground in under 7 seconds, the official explanation is that falling debris from the North tower created a series of fires inside the building. If this is true, it would be the third steel-framed skyscraper in history to completely collapse from damage and fires, the first two being the World Trade centers. Feb. 23rd, 1991- a 38 story skyscraper in philadelphia burned for 18 hours across 8 floors, yet it did not collapse. Oct. 17th, 2004, a 56 story skyscraper in Caracas Venezuela, burned for over 17 hours and spread across 26 floors, yet it did not collapse. Feb 13th, 1975, the WTC had a six story floor fire which was so intense that they installed sprinklers. These sprinklers came in handy on May 19th, 1975, when seven fires strike the complex. The south tower had garbage fires dispersed between the 25th and 36th floor, and the North tower had a fire on teh 11th floor. The 7th fire on the 32nd floor caused heavy damage, yet it didn’t collapse. Then on September 11th, 2001, two 110 story skyscrapers burn for 56 minutes over 8 floors, and 103 minutes over 5 floors, before completely collapsing to the ground. Both world trade centers were designed to withstand multiple impacts from a Boeing 707, the largest aircraft at the time of completion. An analysis released in 1964 claims that the buildings were investigated and found to be safe in an assumed collision with a 707 traveling at 600mph, which would only cause local damage which could not cause collapse or substantial damage to the building. The 767s that crashed into the towers were traveling at only 440 and 540 mph.

— A witness who was near the tower as it collapsed described the sound “as if you had 100 of those Black Cat firecrackers and you lit them all off at once…it sounded like the finale of the fourth of july over the east river”

— Numerous architects came onto television and claimed that the building was not built to withstand an airplane crash, as well as the WTC project engineer. But that’s not true; the WTC construction manager said this:

the building was designed to have a fully loaded 707 crash into it…I believe that the building probably could sustain multiple impacts of jet-liners, because this structure is like the mosquito netting on your screen door, this intense grid and the jet plane is just the pencil puncturing that screen netting

— John Skilling, the WTC’s head structural engineer, told the Seattle Times after the 1993 bombing that if a plane struck the building and dumped it’s fuel on the inside

There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed. But the building structure would still be there.

— August 21st, 2002, NIST commenced their investigation. NIST is a government agency which reports back to the Department of Commerce, headed at that time by Donald Evans and later replaced by Carlos Guttierez, both Bush cabinet appointees. NIST contracted Underwriters Laboratories to re-create a model of one of the types of floor sections used, and they had to expose it to much higher temperatures for much longer than was present in the WTC. NISTs final 10,000 page report does not explain the actual collapse of the buildings.

–NIST found “no evidence for alternative hypotheses suggesting that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition”. Except for the material which was blown outwards, the twin towers collapsed into their own footprint, symmetrically, at nearly free-fall speeds. Netwon’s laws of motion determine how long it takes an object to travel a certain distance in complete free-fall:
Time^2 = (Distance x 2)/Gravity, 85.7375 = 2724/32 : 85.5 = 2736/32, Square root of T = 9.2 seconds.

According to this, an object dropped from the top of the tower in a controlled environment would reach the ground in 9.2 seconds, and the 9/11 commission report states that the building fell in 10 seconds, essentially in free-fall. Professor Steven Jones concluded that the building should have not fallen that rapidly if indeed caused by fire. Mechanical engineer Gordon Ross says that if the collapse was caused by fire, then it would have been a much slower, asymmetrical collapse, compared to the tower collapsing straight down on itself, which

flies in the face of what we know about steel and how steel behaves, when you have a failure in one area, then the failures tend to continue within that area, and you’d see an asymmetric collapse. Possibly the upper section falling off as it’s twisting away from the tower…but it’s very unusual to see the upper section falling straight through the path of greatest resistance which was straight down through the middle of the tower. It just does not add up.

— Molten metal exceeding 2000 degrees farenheit was discovered in the rubble of Ground Zero, underneath the twin towers and building seven. Even with heavy rain on Sept. 14th and 21st, these fires would not be extinguished until December 13th, 2001, making it the longest burning structural fire in history. Metals expert Frank Gayle says “Indeed it didn’t, the steel did not melt”. Gordon Ross also says that the temperatures within the collapse and debris pile are physically impossible from an atmospheric jet fuel. When the NIST guy was asked about the molten steel pool, he denied it’s existence and claimed that he was on the scene and didn’t see it, and hasn’t heard of any witnesses claiming to see such a molten pool. Firefighters on the site saw molten steel, as well as thermal imaging after the collapse which indicated temperature that hot. Plus video evidence shows large amounts of molten metal visible falling from the towers prior to collapse, and white smoke visible at the base of the south tower 1:20 before the collapse.

— Virtually everything, including the concrete, was pulverized as the building collapsed. This resulted in pyroclastic clouds spreading around and coating Manhattan in a fine dust. Pyroclastic clouds occur during two events: volcanic eruptions, and controlled demolitions.

— Steel beams, weighing up to 200,000 pounds, were thrown laterally up to 500 feet. A 300 ton cross section was embedded in the corner of the American Express building, which would have had to travel at least 390ft. Gordon Ross believes that we should have seen a pyramidal debris pile, not steel beams being ejected in a cloud of pulverized concrete.

— Firefighters and hundreds of eyewitnesses reported a series of explosions before and during the collapses, even at the base of the towers, as would be present in a controlled demolition. Firefigher John Schroder was inside of the building during one of the explosions, and an elevator exploded, then a bunch of people came running out of the elevator on fire, which was supposedly caused by a plane crashing into the top of the tower. After making his way along with another firefighter up to the 24th floor, the second plane hit, and they decided to return downstairs. When they returned to the lobby everything was “blown out and exploded”, and every single window was blown out, and they were several inches thick.

— The steel from the WTCs was mostly shipped overseas, eliminating the possiblity for independent investigations. Four companies were contracted for debris removal, controlled and monitored by a three person team, and each truck was fitted with a GPS locator. FEMA’s Building Performance Assessment Team was not granted access to Ground Zero, and only given a tour in which they could not take samples or examine blueprints.

— Many harmful chemicals were released into the air after the building was pulverized, but the public was urged to return to Lower Manhattan. Police, firefighters, and rescue workers were allowed to work in harmful conditions wearing paper masks while government officials wore hazmat suits. The EPA was told under direct order of the White House to tell the public that the air was safe to breathe. The White House changed EPA press releases to add reassuring statements and delete causionary ones.
EPA draft: EPA “testing terrorized sites for environmental hazards”,
White House change: EPA “reassures public about environmental hazards”.
EPA draft: “Recent samples of dust on Water Street show higher levels of asbestos”,
White House change: “New samples confirm ambient air quality meets OSHA standards…not a cause for public concern”.
White House removes this: “Air samples raise concerns for cleanup workers and office workers near Water Street”.

They knew the air was bad and they lied to the public, it’s as simple as that. The EPAs public release assured people that there was no significant level of asbestos in the air, however by 2006 70% of the 40,000 ground zero workers had developed respiratory problems, and hundreds of them had developed cancer.

— A large majority of the victims from the WTC were denied a proper burial. Approximately 500,000 tons of ash contains 1,148 victims which have yet to be identified. Human remains were also discovered 400 ft away from the WTC on the roof of the Deutsche bank building.

— Debris from the Shanksville site was found 3-4 miles away from the impact site. The hundreds of investigators there found no debris larger than a phonebook.

–The FBI and state police closed off a second area 6-8 miles away from the crash site, which was another debris site from this plane.

–Witnesses who were at the Shanksville site agree that there were no bodily remains, and no indication that anybody was even on the plane.

— Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said the following on their website

it is difficult to believe that a large Boeing 757 aircraft plunged into the ground with such force that the plane literally disintegrated and created a still smoldering crater

— An examination of many other airplane crashes is done to determine whether or not there is historical precedent to confirm that a commercial airplane can crash into the ground and disintegrate. American Airlines Flight 191 had large, easily reckognizable pieces of debris, as did Pan Am Flight 103, and TWA Flight 800.

— Although there was no debris larger than a phonebook at the site, the FBI provided a myriad of evidence during the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui which survived that catastrophic plane crash in good condition: A red bandana, a kingdom of Saudi Arabia drivers lisence, John Talignani’s drivers lisence, and flight attendant CeeCee Lyles driver’s lisence and Mariot hotel card. So a 757 obliterated itself upon impact leaving no body parts, but paper and fabric survived the crash intact.

— The FBI shortly stepped in to supervise the investigation, and refused families requests to listen to the cockpit audio recorder, but eventually gave in as long as the victims relatives didn’t talk about it. The last three minutes of the tape are unaccounted for with no given explanation, even after Zacarias Moussaoui’s sentencing.

— The 9/11 commission states that the military was not informed of Flight 93 until 10:07, which was a few minutes after it crashed. However US Navy vet Barry Lichty believes otherwise, because his power went out and he says that it sounded like a missile went by his house, and he claims that it was coming from the direction of the crash, and it was not the aircraft that crashed. Despite the government and military’s previous claims that they were unaware of United Flight 93 until afterit crashed and received no information from the FAA pertaining to Flight 93, a year later their story changed and they claimed that Flight 93 was indeed being tracked and that they were aware of it, which is a complete contradition of their earlier statements.

It changed from this:

Despite the discussions about military assistance, no-one from FAA headquarters requested military assistance regarding Flight 93, nor did any manager at FAA headquarters pass any of the information it had on Flight 93 to the military

To this:

We received a report from the FAA that Flight 93 had turned off it’s transponder, had turned, and now was heading towards Washington DC. The decision was made to try to go in and intercept Flight 93…It was about 10:03 that the fighters reported that Flight 93 had crashed.

-Brigadier General W Montague Winfield

Colonol Bob Marr jumped on the dogpile and added this:

The words that I remember as clear as day was ‘We will take lives in the air to preserve lives on the ground’…United Airlines Flight 93 will not be allowed to reach Washington DC

Dick Cheney’s input?:

Eventually of course, we never fired on any aircraft…We just witnessed an act of heroism

Sure you did, Dick.

Impossible Evidence:
— One of the hi-jackers passport was found, intact and legible, on the ground beneath the twin towers. For a piece of plastic and paper to survive the burning temperatures of jet fuel which according to the flawed official story is hot enough to melt or weaken the main structure of the tower, fall hundreds of feet to the ground, and be picked up by a passerby is nothing short of impossible.

— A business card of one of the terrorists was also found in Shanksville, yet there is not a piece of wreckage at the crash site larger than a microwave. How can a plane be pulverized on impact and burst into flames, yet a piece of paper can survive such an event? It’s clear that both the passport and this business card were planted there as false evidence for the FBI to chase.

WTC Building 7:
— June 8th, 1999, Rudolph Giuliani’s command center is opened on the 23rd floor, which was:

bulletproof and bomb resistant, with it’s own air supply and generators…hurricanes and heat-waves would be handled here, as well as terrorist attacks…though New York officials say their facility is not impenetrable, they’re confident it could handle even the worst crisis imaginable

–Debra Farrick, CNN

— The 50,000 square foot center has reinforced, bulletproof, and bomb resistant walls.

WTC7’s alarm was placed on test for a period of 8 hours beginning at 6:43am on 9/11, any alarms that are received from the system are ignored

-NIST June 2004 Progress Report, Chapter 1, Page 28

— The major fires occured in the following areas of the building:
East face- between floors 11 and 12,
North face- on floor 7, and floor 12,
West face- between floors 29 and 30,
South face- obscured entirely by smoke.

— By 3pm, Chief Daniel Nigro of the FDNY had set up a collapse zone around WTC7

— After 4pm, news outlets, primarily CNN and BBC began reporting that WTC7 had collapsed prior to its collapse. One news station reports it over 12 minutes before the collapse, and even interviews a reporter over the collapse which has yet to happen as WTC7 is clearly visible in the background, and then they have some “technical difficulties” during the interview when the WTC7 is visible after they repoted it’s collapse and it’s cut short. That is a dead giveaway that the media is controlled and is not to be trusted, but the majority of us on here know that, and we come to this website for that very reason.

— The collapse of the main structure takes place in 6.5 seconds, and it falls symmetrically into it’s own footprint exactly like the two WTCs. It too creates a pyroclastic cloud which is only created from volcanic eruptions or controlled demolitions.

— No steel was recovered from building 7 for investigation.

— NIST has yet to explain the collapse of WTC7

— Building 3 was severely crused by the main towers collapse, yet it remains structurally intact.

— Building 4 was almost completely destroyed, but the remaining structure did not collapse.

— Building 5 suffered from severe fires and structural damage but didn’t collapse.

— Building 6 suffered a giant gouge in it’s roof and sever fires but also didn’t collapse.

— Witness testimonies from inside of the building reported hearing explosions inside of WTC7,

— WTC7 is a 47 story steel-framed skyscraper which housed various government agencies and numerous important documents, which was damaged significantly less than the other surrounding buildings, yet all structural elements within the building simultaneously fail. For the building to symmetrically collapse as it did, all 81 steel columns would have to simultaneously collapse, which is supposedly caused by fires on 6 of the 47 floors?

— Molten metal was also found underneath WTC7, which could not have been produced by fire.

— The 9/11 commission didn’t say a word about how the building collapsed

— Daniel Jowekno, a controlled demolition expert with 27 years of experience, says the following: (German to English)

Does the top go first? No, the bottom. They simply blew up the columns and the rest caved in…That is controlled demolition…Absolutely, it’s been imploded. It’s a hired job, done by a team of experts…And you’re sure it was the 11th? That can’t be…Really? Then they worked hard

The 9/11 Commission:
— The Bush administration continued to oppose the investigation until 2002 when Congress creates the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the US, however democratic leaders conceded several aspects after the White House threatened to create the commission by Executive Order, giving themselves considerable control. Bush signs it into law Nov. 27th, 2002, and names Henry Kissinger as chairman of the 9/11 Commission. December 13th, 2002, Kissinger resigns from the 9/11 commission, due mostly to Congressional demands that he disclose his private business clients. It’s later revealed that Kissinger was the Chief Advisor to the Bush administration regarding the Iraq War.

— The following are put in charge of the 9/11 Commission:
Thomas Kean: Fiduciary Trust Board Member, Amerada Hess Director, CIT Group Board Member
Lee Hamilton: Homeland Security Council Advisor, CIA Advisor, US Army Advisor, US Commission on National Security Advisor
Jamie Gorelick: Department of Defense Counsel, Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General, United Technologies Director
Richard Ben-Veniste: United Airlines Attorney, Boeing Attorney, Barry Seal (CIA Drug Runner) Attorney
Tim Roemer: Boeing Legal Representative, Lockheed Martin Legal Representative, Center for National Policy President
Fred Fielding: President Richard Nixon Associate Counsel, United Airlines Legal Representative, Blackwater USA Executive/Legal Counsel
John Lehman: Center for Security Policy National Security Advisory Council, Foreign Policy Research Institute Board of Trustees, Project for a New American Century Member

Philip Zelikow: Executive Director, Council on Foreign Relations Member, Bush-Clinton Transition Team Member, National Security Counsil, Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Member, Aspen Strategy Guide Director. He shapes both the commission and it’s final report.

What a trustworthy bunch of fellas! Who better to trust to investigate the possibility of our government being behind the 9/11 attacks than our own government?

— Compare the time it took to begin this investigation compared to other disasters-
9/11: 411 days
Pearl Harbor: 9
Challenger Disaster: 7
Kennedy Assassination: 7

— And the starting budgets of those investigations-
9/11: $3 million
Clinton’s Indiscretion: $40 million
Columbia Disaster: $50 million
Challenger Disaster: $75 million

— The first 9/11 Commission meeting is held behind closed doors, then a few days later Vice-Chairman announces that they are not interested in trying to assess blame, they do not consider that part of the Commissions responsibility.

— March 26th, 2003, The Bush Administration denies the Commissions request for another $11 million in funding, but settles for $9 million. $ – (9/11?)

— April 29th, 2004, behind closed doors Bush and Cheney appear together before the 9/11 commission for 3 hours, and are not placed under oath, the testimony is not recorded, and the Commissions notes are subject to White House censorship

Why Do It?:
Many of you skeptics who somehow are still clinging to the official story may be asking yourself why would the government do it and how it could benefit them:

— Enabling the passage of the Patriot Act I and II
— Unconstitutionally spying on Americans in the name of terrorism
— Established the Department of Homeland Security
— The Invasion of the Middle East
— A new foreign and domestic policy
— Used to pass the Military Commissions Act which officially ended Habeus Corpus

Bush Administration Facts:
— The Bush Administration has borrowed more than all previous president combined.
— 42 Previous presidents from 1776-2000 borrowed a total of $1.01 trillion from foreign governments and institutions
— Bush Administration from 2001-2005 borrowed a total of $1.05 trillion

After reviewing all of that evidence, before you can make the claim that you still believe the official story, it’s only fair that you debunk every piece of evidence presented throughout the film.


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